zondag 7 november 2010

anthony goicolea - the septemberists

Anthony Goicolea is a Cuban American artist based in New York. Goicolea studied art history, drawing and painting as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia and earned an M.F.A in sculpture and photography from Pratt Institute in New York in 1996. He first gained international recognition for his unsettling technique of arranging, within a single frame, photographic clones of himself in various poses.

Goicolea’s first “Multiple Self-Portrait” series, You and What Army, was produced in 1999. This series saw him join together surrealism and fantasy with poignant social comment. Although in his mid-thirties Goicolea portrays himself, disturbingly convincingly, as a series of pre-pubescent boys. This allows Goicolea to bring a sense of innocence to his often provocative images that portray childhood pranks, often charged with elements of sexual curiosity and experimentation.